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Spotlight on Science Learning: Snapshot of a Decade Developing STEM Talent in Canada

Teacher and students with tracks
Teacher and students with tracks
November 15, 2022

A new report examines what has changed, what hasn’t, and what needs to change for youth STEM learning across Canada

OTTAWA, ON (November 15, 2022) - Ten years after Let’s Talk Science and Amgen Canada produced the first Spotlight on Science Learning report about STEM education across Canada, the environment has changed considerably. The rapid evolution towards a sustainable economy – one that addresses the impact of climate change and the global pandemic – is reshaping expectations for work and citizenship. The rapid rise of misinformation further highlights the importance of scientific literacy, trust in science and STEM skills for all youth across Canada.

Today, Let’s Talk Science releases the latest report, Spotlight on Science Learning: Snapshot of a Decade (2012-2022), made possible by Amgen Canada.  It takes a look at the past ten years of STEM education to review what has changed, what hasn’t changed and what needs to change to support youth STEM learning.

“The world today is very different from 2012 when we completed the first Spotlight on Science Learning report and made recommendations to support talent development. Since then, we have monitored key metrics.’, said Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, President and Founder, Let’s Talk Science. “The passing of a decade offers an opportunity to reflect and see where we stand now on the issue of youth STEM engagement and talent development in Canada.”

When assessing what has changed in the STEM education landscape, there has been increased awareness and recognition of the importance of STEM overall. Ten years ago, we needed to define the acronym. Now there are STEM academies, STEM magnet schools, STEM clubs, STEM toys and more. A poll conducted by Let’s Talk Science found that 95% of adults support and recognize the value of youth STEM education.

While much has changed over the past decade, other critical aspects have not changed enough. Growing attention on science learning has not translated into a significantly broader and more diverse pipeline of STEM talent among domestic students, despite an increase in overall post-secondary enrollment.

“We are proud to have been a partner in the Spotlight on Science Learning reports over an incredible ten years. Now more than ever, we rely on STEM skills for many career choices, said Dr. Daniel Martinez, Executive Medical Director, Amgen Canada. “It is critical that STEM education continues to evolve for both youth and for the future of Canada. 

What’s clear is that we must find ways to fill critical pathways and career pipelines, with major talent shortages expected in many STEM fields. 

In the next decade, a few areas of focus could have a transformative impact: embracing the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing, adopting multidisciplinary approaches to teaching STEM, advancing career education, and broadening post-secondary admission requirements.

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