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STEM Club - the best of both worlds!

African American and Hispanic elementary age girls are building a windmill from a water bottle in a STEM activity
African American and Hispanic elementary age girls are building a windmill from a water bottle in a STEM activity
August 04, 2022

STEM Club is back this fall and inviting your students on brand new learning adventures. With a club-like community that will bring your class together and STEM activities that teach success in STEM and beyond, join STEM Club for an experience that’s the best of both worlds. 

Clubs are a hit with students around the world, from debate to drama and Rubik’s cubes to robotics. Whether they’re with members few or far, in school, homeschool or the community, clubs are a rewarding addition of fun and learning to any childhood.

Clubs foster community among like-minded students and provide growth opportunities to young minds. For example, joining a chess club will help a child both learn how to play chess and discover peers who enjoy strategy games and problem-solving. 

More often than not, clubs nurture an environment crucial to child development and competencies for the real world. These interest groups help youth explore different passions and forge friendships.

Children are also natural explorers, discoverers, and innovators. With their innate curiosity and investigative expertise, there’s no better club to introduce at your school than a STEM-focused club.

In fact, many students already practice the fundamentals of the scientific method as they learn about the world around them. Testing hypotheses, gathering data, and making conclusions are all part of discovery-led play. Children often yield questions and perspectives that stump and inspire even the greatest STEM minds!

Let’s Talk Science’s STEM Club is an invitation to connect your class with the national STEM community. 


STEM Club is a weekly fun and interactive event for students aged 9 - 11. Each week features a different live hands-on activity and students have the chance to engage with STEM role models.

Join students from Grades 4 - 6 from across Canada at 11:30 a.m. ET on Tuesdays and 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesdays in English and on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. ET in French. Don’t worry if those times don’t work for your class! Your class can participate in live sessions or watch the recorded sessions whenever convenient.


STEM Club recognizes that STEM educators are superheroes and the impact they have on students is innumerable. They are a guiding force that helps develop critical thinking skills, ignite curiosity, and fuel excitement about the endless possibilities of STEM fields. 

STEM educators sculpt the next generation of video game programmers, climate scientists, and pastry chefs alike. The STEM problem-solving skills the future leaders will practice and hone are involved in more careers than you might think, and they start within the classroom. It’s no easy feat, and the world appreciates the work you do.

Let’s Talk Science wants to help you open more doors for your students in STEM; we share your mission! That’s why STEM Club is perfect for busy educators. With stimulating hands-on activities that only require minimal and easy-to-find materials, STEM Club makes it simpler to create a fun and educative learning opportunity for every explorer.


So what adventures can you expect your learners to embark upon? Blast off to the stars and back analyzing patterns in space by constructing constellation viewers. Or take to the skies and explore aerodynamic engineering by building and testing paper helicopters! Explore a fall full of fun activities and inquiries with a new roster of activities this coming school year. Also, don’t forget that fun is contagious  – educators will be sure to have a blast as well!

What’s more, your students will engage with current leaders in STEM, representing various communities and backgrounds. While they lead your class through engaging activities, STEM role models will share the work they do, why they’re excited about STEM, and what fascinating opportunities could await your students. It’s never too early to motivate students’ discovery of potential career pathways in STEM.


STEM Club hopes to help all students picture themselves in bright futures. There’s no secret password to join this club! STEM exploration should be a club with no rules on who can or can’t join. Every student should get the opportunity to discover the vastness of the cosmos, the mechanisms of the cell, and the bits and bytes of code. That’s why Let’s Talk Science offers free materials to schools serving economically and/or geographically challenged areas.

Like many clubs, the global STEM community values diversity, equity, and inclusion. STEM is an all-hands-on-deck field; scientific discovery is catalyzed by more innovative thinkers and diversity of thought. In order for teams around the world to launch rockets or conserve our oceans, education and accessibility to opportunity must be a priority. Let’s Talk Science is committed to helping each child be a part of the STEM education movement, no matter what barriers students might face. 

Hear from Julie, a Grade 4/5 teacher who received a kit:

Overall it was awesome to not have to plan, gather supplies and create engaging content

The students loved it, were happy to have something cool to bring home and learned a lot along the way. They were definitely eagerly anticipating the next build as soon as the first one was done.

I appreciated the representation that was used with the guests and hope that in the future that will continue to be a priority. 

Thanks Julie, for the feedback and for being an awesome teacher! 


And if you’re looking for more enrichment like STEM Club for your classroom, join Julie and our educator community by subscribing to the Educator Newsletter! Delivered twice each month, this newsletter covers what’s new from Let’s Talk Science for educators across the country. From program announcements, project registrations, professional learning opportunities, and much more. Let’s Talk Science has various FREE resources to support you and your learners!

Ultimately, clubs develop competencies through peer collaboration, and STEM offers endless learning and discovery. Then, it only makes sense that STEM Club is the best of both worlds, and we’re inviting every student to join our community this fall. From the hands-on, minds-on activities to our diverse group of STEM role models, STEM Club equips the next generation of leaders with an aptitude for learning, an understanding of future careers, and a belonging in STEM.

We hope to see you in STEM Club this fall!