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Curious Careers - on demand


: 6-8
: On-demand
January 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024
Teens watch video on laptop

Curious Careers is a STEM career exploration series for youth in grades 6 to 8. At these monthly virtual panels, post-secondary students and industry and academic professionals share their career journey in STEM, what it looks like to work or study in STEM, and discuss future STEM careers. Each session focuses on a different theme and explores diverse STEM fields. Students will get the chance to ask panelists their questions, and each session includes optional follow-up activities to help them reflect on their skills and interests, and contemplate future careers. 

Available on demand:

Careers for Climate - In this session of Curious Careers, we'll be exploring how STEM plays a key role in tackling the climate crisis, and there are many ways to get involved. Join us to hear from people in climate-related fields who will share how their career connects to the changing climate and the work being done to find and protect our planet. Request recording.

Invent, Create, Innovate! - In this session of Curious Careers, we'll be exploring how innovators use creativity to find original solutions to real-world problems and bring ideas from one industry to another. They challenge conventional notions and drive change. Let our panel ignite your curiosity as we explore innovation in STEM careers and learn about the skills and mindset of innovators. Request recording.

Dive into Digital - In this session of Curious Careers, we'll be exploring how the world of work is being transformed by digital advances. From robotics and animation to coding and cybersecurity, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, there are many careers to explore in evolving digital realms. Dive into digital with our panelists to discover surprising STEM careers and emerging pathways. Request recording.

Curious Careers is also available in French!