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Let's Talk Science Challenge Study Handbook

Study Handbook cover showing a colorful brain

The Let’s Talk Science Challenge Study Handbook uses a variety of methods to engage students in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Sciences, Math, Physics and Space Sciences. The Study Handbook has everything students need to study in preparation for the theory component of the Let’s Talk Science Challenge. Some topics are relevant to what they’re learning in school, while others give them a sneak peek of what they will learn in years to come. 

In the following table, you will find the links to access online resources for each chapter. Downloadable PDF files will be coming soon.

Let's Talk Science Challenge 2022 Study Handbook


Chapter 5:
Earth Sciences

Waves and rocks

Learn more about our oceans.

Chapter 6:
Engineering & Technology

GPS Satellites orbiting the Earth

Learn more about aerospace.

Chapter 7:
Environmental Sciences

Red jellyfish

Learn more about marine environments.

Chapter 8:
Space Sciences

Astronaut Daniel Tani in the ISS

Learn more about living in space.

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