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Manpreet Kaur dans son laboratoire

Manpreet Kaur (She/Her)

Postdoctoral Fellow

I work on research projects to discover drugs to treat infectious diseases.
Dr. Arinjay Banerjee dans son labo

Arinjay Banerjee (he/him)

Research Scientist and Principal Investigator

I am a scientist and I study how viruses evolve and interact with our immune system.
Marianne Torres-Heckford in laboratory

Marianne Torres-Heckford

Microbiology Technologist

I provide technical assistance to the University of Winnipeg Biology Department teaching and research labs.
Luana Langlois travaillant dans une hotte de laboratoire

Luana Langlois

Graduate Student (Biology)

Luana Langlois is a Graduate Student (Biology) at Western University.
various marine microorganisms as they appear under a microscope

Marine Microbiology: Meet the Microbes of the Sea!

The ocean is full of very small but very useful creatures called microbes. Without them, none of the sea plants or animals you’ve seen would exist!

Image © TLFurrer,

Are Microbes Your Friend or Foe?

Microbes are everywhere, even in your digestive tract. Some of these microbes are helpful, and some aren’t.