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Erkan Cakir avec le navire des garde-côtes sur lequel il a travaillé en arrière-plan

Erkan Cakir

Mission Equipment Engineer

I make sure the equipment and systems on the ships we build meet the needs and standards for the purpose they are designed to serve.
Fairy Sahay

Fairy Sahay

Civil Engineer (Green Economy Project)

I work to protect, conserve and restore natural resources.
Kaitlyn Hall

Kaitlyn Hall

Naval Architect

I design ships for a variety of purposes.
Jacob Waldbillig photo de remise des diplômes

Jacob Waldbillig

Architectural Technologist

Jacob Waldbillig is an Architectural Technologist for IBI Group.
Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson

Senior Project Manager

Heather Robertson is the Senior Project Manager for Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd.
Pam Chilton

Pam Chilton

Owner & Principal Designer

Pam Chilton is the Owner & Principal Designer of Zimba Design.
Serina Hall

Serina Hall

Mechanical Designer

Serina Hall is a Mechanical Designer for Infinity Solutions.
Sarah Campden

Sarah Campden

Associate and Civil Technician

Sarah Campden is an Associate and Civil Technician of Herold Engineering Limited.
Rachael Driedger

Rachel Driedger

Principal and Project Manager

Rachel Driedger is the Principal and Project Manager of Causeway Consulting Inc.
Abigail MacEachern head shot

Abigail MacEachern

Construction Design Manager

Abigail MacEachern is a Design Manager for Pomerleau, located in Nova Scotia.
Ben Almond | Vice-président et directeur général

Ben Almond

Vice President and General Manager

Ben Almond is the Vice President and General Manager of Jacobs.

Kateri Skaaup (Video)

Kateri Construction Consulting and Design

Kateri Skaaup is a consultant and designer for Kateri Construction.

Mandy Rennehan (Video)

Blue Collar CEO & Founder

Mandy Rennehan is the Blue-Collar CEO & Founder of Freshco.
Patrick LeClair | Technicien en CDAO, spécialiste des ponts

Patrick LeClair

Bridge CADD Technician

Patrick LeClair is a Bridge CADD Technician for the Government of Prince Edward Island.
Mandy Rennehan |  PDG col-bleu et fondatrice de Freshco

Mandy Rennehan

Blue-Collar CEO & Founder

Mandy Rennehan is the Blue-Collar CEO & Founder of Freshco.