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Food & Drinks

Portrait de Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Head of the Food division

I teach and do research on the topics of Food Chemistry and Food Processing.
Constance Hanna en train de travailler sur des machines

Constance Hanna (she/her)

Industrial Maintenance Millwright

I fix all types of machines that make and package food Items.
Edmund Co

Edmund Co

Food Scientist

I use my chemical knowledge to investigate quality complaints and legal issues for the LCBO.
Emily Moore

Emily Moore

Food Field Application Scientist

I help members in the agri-food industry find the best analytical solutions to their challenges.
Shoshawna Blair

Shoshawna Blair

Cake Decorator and Pastry Chef

Shoshawna Blair is a Cake Decorator and Pastry Chef for Hansel & Gretel Bakery and Shoshawna’s Cakes & Pastries.
Bonnie Douglas

Bonnie Douglas

Project Coordinator

Bonnie Douglas is a Project Coordinator for the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT).

Erin Gonzales (Video)

Baking Entrepreneur

Erin Gonzales is a Baking Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Zachary Emond | Cuisinier

Zachary Emond


Zachary Emond is a Chef at the Holiday Inn, St. John’s.
Claire Bartman | Analyste de la qualité — Laboratoire de chimie analytique

Claire Bartman

Food Quality Analyst, Analytical Chemistry

Claire Bartman is a quality analyst at Analytical Chemistry Lab.
Travis Stewart | Enseignant en arts culinaires

Travis Stewart

Culinary Arts Teacher

Tammy Barrett | Directrice de la recherche et du développement

Tammy Barrett

Manager, Research and Development

Tammy Barrett is the Manager of Research and Development at Chapman’s Ice Cream.
Andrea Lysenko - Quality Assurance Supervisor at Chapman’s Ice Cream

Andrea Lysenko (Video)

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Andrea Lysenko is a Quality Assurance Supervisor for Chapman's Ice Cream.
Andrea Lysenko | Superviseure d'assurance qualité

Andrea Lysenko

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Andrea Lysenko is a quality assurance supervisor at Champman's Ice Cream.
Erin Marie G. Gonzales | Copropriétaire

Erin Gonzales


Erin Gonzales is a co-owner of Bread 'N Batter Co. in Ontario.