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Grades 4-6

Astronomy and Space Science Volunteer Activities

Space-cial: Constellations & Moon Phases

Learn about the importance of constellations and moon phases and how adaptations play a role in our survival on Earth.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Trees for Tomorrow

In this workshop, students will explore what makes up a healthy forest, and how tree and soil health is important for sustaining ecosystems. Students will consider how human actions affect forests, and how forests are important in combatting climate change. Discussions will focus on positive actionable steps students can take to protect plant and soil health in their communities.

Earth and Environmental Sciences


Nitrogen cycles through our ecosystems. It is an essential nutrient for many living things and plays a key role in the environment. However, too much nitrogen can be harmful.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sparky McCloud's Day Off

Extreme weather occurs in many wild ways, which is affected by climate change! This workshop explores these implications.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Crazy Crop Conundrum! Climate Edition

Many environmental factors can impact plant growth, and as a farmer, you will have to look for genetic modifications that can help you grow the best crop this year!


Structures against Extreme Weather

Students design and build a structure that protects toy people from a hurricane.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sensitive Shells

Discover the impacts of ocean acidification by observing the effect of acidity on shellfish.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Icy Investigation

Students analyze ice core samples to help learn about the climate in the past.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Cookie Mining - Climate Edition

Students mine for chocolate chips in cookies, attempting to get as many chocolate chips as possible without damaging the cookie.

Health Sciences

Circulatory System (Grade 5)

Learn about the human circulatory system and make your own scab!

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges, Strong and Stable Structures - Virtual Outreach

Students will get to learn about what a structure is and what materials can be used to build a strong and stable bridge.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Beaver Dam and Lodge Activity

Students build a beaver dam and lodge to understand what stable structures are and then they test their structure by placing a load on it - something heavy like a brick - and see if the force will make the structure collapse.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Electricity: Harry Potter Type Wands

Students are introduced to a simple circuit and switch with a light bulb, similar to a Harry Potter type wand.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Conservation of Energy

Students learn about conservation of energy, measure the bounce of a ball at different heights and then use elastic potential energy to make a paper glider fly having kinetic energy.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Digestive System (Grade 5)

Students model how food travels through our digestive system and do a digestive system art work.