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Suitable for all ages

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Oil Spill Clean-Up!

Learn about the negative effects of oil spills on aquatic environments and methods for "cleaning" up oil spills by partaking in a timed game to clean up a fake oil spill with provided materials.

Health Sciences

Heart Rate

Learn about heart rate and why it is elevated during exercise.

Health Sciences

Blood Clots

This activity demonstrates the process of coagulation.



Learn about the properties of fluids.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Filtration Station

Learn about the importance of clean water and create your own water filter!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Meet the Greenhouse Gases

Learn about global warming and the structure of greenhouse gases.


Beaver Dam Building Challenge (Short)

Using simple materials, students are challenged to build a small beaver dam.


Cylinders: Shapes and Strength (Short)

Students test the strength of different shaped paper cylinders.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Seed Dispersal (Short)

Students create three paper seeds to test how they disperse.


DNA Bracelets

Students make a DNA bracelet following the base-pair rule.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Exploring Pinecones

Learn how pinecones can listen and change depending on the weather!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Exploring Tree Rings

Learn how tree rings can give scientists important information about the changing climate conditions in an area.

Health Sciences

Brain Hats

Students create a brain hat and learn about the different parts of the brain.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Biodiversity of Flowering Plants

Become a botanist for a day by learning how to collect samples and dry them for future use.



This activity is a design challenge to build a backscratcher.