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Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications

Devon Hardy headshot

Devon Hardy (she/her/elle)

Program Director

I run a non-profit program that supports environmental sustainability in the arts.
Samantha Yammine

Samantha Yammine (she/her)

Science Communicator

I create and share engaging science content on social media.
Jo-Anne McArthur photographing hog in pen.

Jo-Anne McArthur (she/her)

Photojournalist, Founder

I operate a non-profit media organization that shows the lives of animals in pictures.
Jason Tetro

Jason Tetro

Science Communicator

Jason is "the germ guy". He makes science research easier to understand.
Ella Chan

Ella Chan

Digital Media Outreach Specialist

Ella uses her creativity to explain science using videos.
Christina Rosché

Christina Rosché


Christina Rosché is a Self-Employed Artist, located in Quebec.
Sonya Ballantyne en costume de super-héros

Sonya Ballantyne

Creative Director

Sonya Ballantyne is the Creative Director for Code Breaker Films.
Kelsie Butter

Kelsie Lee (She/Her)

Motion and Visual Effects Designer

Kelsie uses her Motion Graphics Design skills to create content for The Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club.
Photo de Maggie MacLellan

Maggie MacLellan

Communications Specialist

Maggie MacLellan is a Communications Specialist for Western University’s BrainsCAN Initiative.
David Brake

David R. Brake

Science Editor

David R. Brake is a Science Editor for Let's Talk Science.
Amy King dans un studio d'enregistrement

Amy King

Music Producer / Recording Engineer

Amy King is a Music Producer / Recording Engineer for Grant Avenue Studio.
Rebecca Pilon | Coloriste d’arrière-plans

Rebecca Pilon

Background Artist

Rebecca Pilon is a Background Artist for Mercury Filmworks.
Chris Glover | Ingénieur principal en logiciels – physique

Chris Glover

Senior Software Engineer – Physics

Chris Glover is a Senior Software Engineer – Physics for Avalanche Studios in New York.
Photo de Dino Pulerà observant un crâne animal

Dino Pulerà

Scientific and Medical Illustrator, Art Director

Dino Pulerà is a Scientific and Medical Illustrator and Art Director for Artery Studios.
Sam Worek | Concepteur de matériel de formation

Sam Worek

Instructional Designer

Sam Worek is an Instructional Designer at Google in California, USA.