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Student uses a pipet to extract DNA with other students looking on.

Fish Market Survey

Senior biology students use a DNA barcoding kit to test local grocery store fish samples, and discover if the fish they bought is mislabeled and part of food fraud!

Tomatoes of different shapes, sizes and colours

Tomato Taxonomy

A look at the taxonomic classification of the tomato plant and the origin, history and development of tomatoes.

Variety of plant groups in Banff National Park, Alberta

Plant Taxonomy

Learn about the categories, or phylum, of the plant kingdom with examples from each.

DNA barcoding used to test food

The Classification of Life: From Linnaeus to DNA Barcoding

Learn about two taxonomy systems that scientists use to classify the life around us.

a boy looks at a hamburger

Do You Know What's On Your Plate?

In 2013, many Europeans learned their beef lasagnas were actually made of horse meat. Learn about food fraud, and how a Canadian invention can help detect it.

Ella Harvey | gestionnaire de données chez OLD (Barcode of Life Data System).

Ella Harvey

Data Manager

Ella Harvey is a data manager at BOLD (Barcode of Life Data System).