A column supporting the roof the Parthenon in Greece

Strong Shapes: Cylinders

Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting, observing and predicting skills as they explore the strength of cylinders made with different materials.
Students collaborating

Introduction to the Fish Market Survey

In this introductory activity, students will read two articles about the issue of fish mislabelling and complete two graphic organizers to identify the issue, its implications and possible solutions. They will complete the organizers individually and in pairs, and then discuss the results with the whole class.
Life cycle of strawberry plant

Plant Life Cycle

Students develop and apply the skills of observing, comparing & contrasting, and communicating as they explore life cycles of familiar plants.
Toy alphabet

What's in a Name?

Students develop and apply algebraic reasoning, spatial sense/reasoning and communicating skills as they explore the math, science and technology in their name.
Hammer and nails

Which Fastener is Best?

Students develop Planning (selecting and using materials) and Communicating skills as they investigate which fastener is best for joining different types of recycled materials to make a useful object.
Seed-producing plants

Seed Dispersal

Students develop and apply the skills of observing, comparing, contrasting, sorting and classifying, to investigate how seeds move from place to place.
Swivel hook fastener

Finding Out About Fasteners

Students develop and apply sorting & classifying, comparing & contrasting and communicating skills as they examine different kinds of fasteners and their uses.