Seed-producing plants

Seed Dispersal

Students develop and apply the skills of observing, comparing, contrasting, sorting and classifying, to investigate how seeds move from place to place.
Water slides

How Surfaces Affect Motion

Students develop and apply predicting, planning a process and analyzing & interpreting skills as they design and conduct a fair test of how surface properties affect object movement.
hand holding soil

What is Inside Soil?

Students develop and apply observing and comparing & contrasting skills as they explore the composition and characteristics of different soils.
Swivel hook fastener

Finding Out About Fasteners

Students develop and apply sorting & classifying, comparing & contrasting and communicating skills as they examine different kinds of fasteners and their uses.
Wood carving of a deer

It's Alive... Or Is It?

Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting, observing and drawing conclusions skills as they investigate living and non-living things.