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Industrial Biotech

Algae floating on a pond

Algae Biofuel: Can Pond Scum Power the Planet?

Learn about the potential of algae as a material for making biofuel.

Stephen Buckley | Directeur de commerces de détail

Stephen Buckley

Retail Operations Manager

Stephen Buckey is a Retail Operations Manager for Moosehead Breweries.
A biodiesel filling station

Biofuels: An Alternative Energy Source

Biofuels are a renewable energy resource that can often substitute for fossil fuels. Why are biofuels promising, and why aren’t we using more of them?

orn ethanol plant next to corn field

How is Ethanol Made?

Ethanol is a biofuel that can power a car. Learn about the enzymes, catalysts and processes like fermentation involved in ethanol production.

a boy looks at a hamburger

Do You Know What's On Your Plate?

In 2013, many Europeans learned their beef lasagnas were actually made of horse meat. Learn about food fraud, and how a Canadian invention can help detect it.