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Unit 2: Career Exploration

portrait par Gordon Martell

Gordon Martell (he/him)

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor

I teach post-secondary students to be leaders in schools and other organizations.
portrait par Ali Ashrafi

Ali Ashrafi (he/him)

Career Profiles

Ph.D. Candidate

I am enrolled in a PhD program that focuses on Human Studies.
portrait par Shawn Fisher

Shawn Fisher

Career Profiles

CEO and Co-Founder

I advance sustainable food production at the point of consumption by inventing smart farming appliances.
Christelle Fournier

Christelle Fournier

Career Profiles

Permaculture guide, Founder of the company Fertiles

I offer consulting services to organizations, municipalities, indigenous communities, to support them in their eco-citizen projects related to food security.
Zack Anderson headshot

Zack Anderson (he/him)

Career Profiles

Director, Science Connections

I manage a team of talented individuals and build partnerships to create great programs at the Telus Spark Science Centre.
Kenzie Arnott headshot

Kenzie Arnott (they/them)

Career Profiles

Manager of Science in the City

I run a science communication program for three cities that connect scientists to help them understand each other’s work.
Joana Augusto headshot

Joana Augusto (she/her)

Career Profiles

Coordinator, Volunteer Professional Development & Training

I design professional development and training opportunities for volunteers at Let’s Talk Science.
Nancy Rogers debout sur un affleurement rocheux où elle prospecte des minéraux. Encadré : Roche de labradorite coupée pour exposer les motifs de couleur.

Nancy Rogers

Career Profiles

Genuine Prospector and Craftsperson

I travel to remote areas looking for signs of minerals and crystals.
Bakery entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs – Math and Your Dream Business


Learn how entrepreneurs use math when starting a business.

protrait de Dr. Molly Shoichet

Molly Shoichet (she/her)

Career Profiles

Professor and Research Team Lead

I teach undergraduate students in engineering and I lead a research team in biomedical and chemical engineering.
Cartoon doodles related to podcasts

Create Your Own Podcast


Students will learn about online content creation and create their own podcast.

Kevin Stone travaille sur une sculpture en métal

Kevin Stone (he/him)

Career Profiles

Metal Sculpture Artist

I design and build metal sculptures.
portrait de Kyle Brennan Shàwinipinesì

Kyle Brennan Shàwinipinesì (he/him)

Career Profiles

Senior Lead for Indigenous Entrepreneurship

I support Indigenous Entrepreneurship by sharing and educating on the benefits of using technology to support their business.
Jo-Anne McArthur

Jo-Anne McArthur (she/her)

Career Profiles

Photojournalist, Founder

I operate a non-profit media organization that shows the lives of animals in pictures.
portrait de Justin Rotman

Justin Rotman

Career Profiles

Founder & CEO

I help to determine business strategy and lead our team to serve our customers and build our product.