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Dawn Pratt avec ses filles au Centre spatial de Houston

Dawn Pratt

STEM Consultant

I develop programs and STEM content and advise on the development of STEM programs.
Dr. Arinjay Banerjee dans son labo

Arinjay Banerjee (he/him)

Research Scientist and Principal Investigator

I am a scientist and I study how viruses evolve and interact with our immune system.
Patty Simpson

Patty Simpson (she/her)

Environmental Coordinator

As the head of the Environment Department at a uranium mine, it is my responsibility to make sure that the mine does not pollute the surrounding environment.
Britnee Mishak au travail

Britnee Mishak

Print Service Clerk

Britnee Mishak is a Print Service Clerk for the City of Regina.
Martina Bona

Martina Bona

Process Discipline Specialist

Martina Bona is a Process Discipline Specialist for Jacobs Engineering.
Leah Clark debout dans un champ d'agriculture

Leah Clark

Provincial Cattle Specialist

Leah Clark is the Provincial Cattle Specialist for the Government of Saskatchewan.
Sarah Dallaire | Pilote

Sarah Dallaire

Pilot, Snowbird 2 with the Air Demonstration Squadron 431

Sarah Daillaire is a Pilot, Snowbird 2 with the Air Demonstration Squadron 431 for the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Air Force.
Chelsey Peutert | Ingénieure en environnement agricole

Chelsey Peutert

Agricultural Environmental Engineer

Chelsey Peutery is an Agricultural Environmental Engineer for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.
Lee Wilson | Professor

Lee Wilson


Lee Wilson is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan.
Mike McDonald | Fondateur-directeur général de Recess Guardians de la Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Mike McDonald

Founder/Executive Director

Mike McDonald is the Founder/Executive Director of Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians.