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Illustration of the Earth

Summer Symposium Series: Climate Career Resources

A career focused on climate change and sustainability would let you help people by working to help solve the biggest problems of our time.

Student going over materials and plans

Summer Symposium Series: Engineering Career Resources

A career in engineering would let you help people through designing and implementing the things they use in their daily lives.

Working at laptop with stethoscope on desk

Summer Symposium Series: Health Sciences Career Resources

A career in the health sciences would let you help people directly in a very 'hands-on' way!

Student drawn postcard representing habitation spheres on an extra-terrestrial planet.

Imagine Future Careers

Spark creativity and curiosity by sending a postcard to space thanks to a partnership between Tomatosphere™ and Club for the Future founded. Students will imagine the jobs of the future in space and represent their thoughts on a postcard which will then be sent to space.

Side table with mug and vase

Noticing Form and Function in Our Lives

Students will explore how the form and function of common objects and structures are related.

A Virtual Career Fair

A Virtual Career Fair

Students will learn about various careers, and career pathways, through their review of various career profiles.
Students will continue to develop their understanding of the importance of STEM courses/programs for future career pathways.

Exploring Career Types

Exploring Career Types

Students will recognize that there are many different ways to earn a living and that a ‘career’ does not necessarily have to be a 9 to 5 arrangement.
Students will recognize that different career types and job arrangements have their own positive and negative aspects.

Making Informed Career Choices

Making Informed Career Choices

Students will learn that possessing the right kind of information is important for making an informed career decision as well as for future career success and stability.

Learning from the Experiences of Others

Learning from the Experience of Others

Students will recognize the benefit of seeking advice from those experienced in specific career areas that interest them.

Creating Your Career Documentary

Creating Your Career Documentary

Students will engage in a ‘forward thinking’ exercise. This exercise addresses the following: what they want from life, the skills and abilities they have now that are useful for future career decisions, the skills and abilities they will need to develop, and how they are going to connect who they are with who they want to be and what they want to do.

Factors Affecting Career Choice

Factors Affecting Career Choice

Students explore and discuss factors they should consider when they are planning a career path.

What's my lifestyle?

What’s My Lifestyle?

Students will realize that high salaries are not always equated with a great lifestyle.

BYO Career Development Timeline

BYO Career Development Timeline

Students will come to see themselves as people who have skills and knowledge that are valuable to entering the world of work.
Students will recognize that skills and abilities are developed in both formal and informal settings.

What skills do I need for the workplace?

What Skills do I Need for the Workplace?

Students will deepen their understanding of the concept of employability skills. Students will develop an awareness of opportunities available for those who have well-developed employability skills.