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Summer Symposium Series: Engineering Career Resources

Student going over materials and plans
Student going over materials and plans
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A career in engineering would let you help people through designing and implementing the things they use in their daily lives.

If you see yourself helping people by designing and building things to keep them safe or aid them in their daily lives, then engineering is definitely the career path for you. Below there are a couple of lessons designed to get you thinking about where a career in engineering can take you - there are so many different paths to take! Afterwards, browse through a few of the career profiles of people who make their living in engineering.

Where To Start:

Electrical engineers at work

Engineering a Future Career

Students explore the different branches of engineering and discover the similarities and differences between them.

Engineers at work

Exploring Engineering Careers

Students will learn about the different types of engineering and the various post-secondary pathways available.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out the videos of the latest engineering projects and ideas below!


Below are just some of the many potential career choices you can make with an interest in engineering! 

Further Resources:

Interested in what you've seen so far? Explore some of these backgrounders and lessons on topics in engineering. You may uncover a passion you never knew you had!

La Grande-1 dam in Quebec

Design & Build a Dam

Students will work collaboratively to design and build a dam that holds back a given volume of water for a certain time.

Engineers and architect looking at blueprints on construction site

Careers in Building and Design

Students explore careers that involve designing and building structures and devices.

Checking the inside of a pipe

Crack the Code: Water Treatment

Students learn about the water treatment process as they complete a digital “escape room” on a Google site.

Anghel Saligny Bridge

Why is a Triangle a Strong Shape?

Triangles are very strong shapes which makes them important when building strong and stable structures

Wondering what else might be out there in terms of careers? Explore these career-planning activities and discover your future today!

Students visualizing in class

Visualizing Your Career

Using the process of visualization, students will start to identify preferred aspects of their ideal career.

Lacey Rose

Find a Career You Love

Students complete a matching activity to explore how interests and education relate to careers.

Career sector representatives

Exploring Career Sectors and Skills

Students will explore STEM career sectors and the skills required for a variety of STEM careers.

Tip of the career iceberg

Tip of the Career Iceberg

Students will explore the breadth of career opportunities through brainstorming, research and graphic organizers.