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Forces on Objects

Michaella Chemello cuisinant et servant des crêpes au Stampede de Calgary

Michaella Chemello

Engineer in Training (Civil)

I am a Civil/Structural Engineer-In-Training at Fluor Canada.
Set of geometry tools

Triangles and Trigonometry

Learn about some practical applications of geometry and trigonometry.

Student going over materials and plans

Summer Symposium Series: Engineering Career Resources

A career in engineering would let you help people through designing and implementing the things they use in their daily lives.

Space lander

How can we land a model space probe?

Design and build a model space probe.

Construction worker with house plan

Careers with Form and Function

Students explore careers that involve the concepts of form and function.

Recycled bottle bird feeder

Innovating with Form and Function

Students use their understanding of form and function to design an innovative object or device.

Side table with mug and vase

Noticing Form and Function in Our Lives

Students will explore how the form and function of common objects and structures are related.

Denika Mitchelmore Regardant le pont du navire depuis sa grue de manœuvre de cabine de grue

Denika Mitchelmore

Assistant Crane Operator

Denika Mitchelmore is an Assistant Crane Operator for Seadrill Careers.
Seesaw [Class 1 Lever]

Simple Machines: Levers

6 images of some objects such as tweezers, scissors and wheel barrows that use the lever principle to create movement for a specific purpose

Boy on bicycle

How Can I Go Faster on My Bike?

You don’t have to pedal harder to go faster. You just have to understand a little bit about gravity, drag and friction!

What do magnets do?

What do magnets do?

Have fun discovering what magnets can pick up in this hands on activity.

Assortment of souvenir magnets on the fridge

Magnificent Magnets

Students develop and apply the skills of sorting & classifying, comparing & contrasting and predicting as they explore magnetism as a non-contact force that causes movement.

Pulley with Chains

Simple Machines: Pulleys

6 images of some objects such as in fitness equipment which use wheels with grooves in their rims called pulleys for movement

Roller Coaster

Simple Machines: Inclined Planes

5 images of examples where inclined planes are used to help lift or move objects such as ramps for accessibility or entertainment