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Strand D: Professional Practices and Career Opportunities

Mark Derikx devant une usine de fabrication de produits chimiques.

Mark Derikx

Career Profiles

Environmental Health Safety Quality Manager

I help make sure our chemical plant is following legal operating requirements for employee and community safety.
portait par Mark Simmonds

Mark Simmonds

Career Profiles

Marine Surveyor

I survey all different types of ships to make sure they are safe to operate.
Zack Anderson headshot

Zack Anderson (he/him)

Career Profiles

Director, Science Connections

I manage a team of talented individuals and build partnerships to create great programs at the Telus Spark Science Centre.
Kenzie Arnott headshot

Kenzie Arnott (they/them)

Career Profiles

Manager of Science in the City

I run a science communication program for three cities that connect scientists to help them understand each other’s work.
Joana Augusto headshot

Joana Augusto (she/her)

Career Profiles

Coordinator, Volunteer Professional Development & Training

I design professional development and training opportunities for volunteers at Let’s Talk Science.
portrait de Sarah Eaton

Sarah Jane Eaton

Career Profiles


I lead a team that is responsible for licensing small modular reactors.
Ali Ashrafi headshot

Ali Ashrafi (he/him)

Career Profiles

Ph.D. Candidate

I am enrolled in a PhD program that focuses on Human Studies.
Cartoon doodles related to podcasts

Create Your Own Podcast


Students will learn about online content creation and create their own podcast.

Marty Larabie

Marty Larabie (he/him)

Career Profiles

Radiation Inspector

I perform radiation safety inspections of persons who use nuclear material.
Engineers and architect looking at blueprints

Careers in Building and Design


Students explore careers that involve designing and building structures and devices.

Cornfield in Ontario

Let's Talk Food Resources


Discover a set of resources curated to get you ready to discuss sustainable agriculture and food security.

Ice on the Arctic Ocean

All About The Arctic: Resources


Discover a set of resources designed to give you background information on all things Arctic!

Person with VR gear

Exploring the World of Virtual Reality


Learn about the history of virtual reality and how it works.

Airport terminal with airplane

Up, Up and Away: Careers in Flight


Students will learn about the wide variety of jobs related to the aviation industry.

Portrait de Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Career Profiles

Head of the Food division

I teach and do research on the topics of Food Chemistry and Food Processing.