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Unit 1: Personal Management

Ashley Arnold headshot

Ashley Arnold (she/her)

Career Profiles

Instrumentation Application Specialist

I provide technical and scientific support to customers who use equipment and instruments sold by STEMCELL.
Joana Augusto headshot

Joana Augusto (she/her)

Career Profiles

Coordinator, Volunteer Professional Development & Training

I design professional development and training opportunities for volunteers at Let’s Talk Science.
Gordon Martell headshot

Gordon Martell (he/him)

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor

I teach post-secondary students to be leaders in schools and other organizations.
portrait de Nevicia Case

Nevicia Case (she/her)

Career Profiles

Postdoctoral Fellow

I do research on how to make stem cell therapies more accessible, while also making sure they're safe and effective in treating diseases.
Angie Spierenburg headshot

Angie Spierenburg (she/her)

Career Profiles

Customer Success Manager

I help create effective strategic partnerships between organizations and customers, by bringing best practices to the table, reducing complexity, and simplifying processes.
Bakery entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs – Math and Your Dream Business


Learn how entrepreneurs use math when starting a business.

Thumbs up and down hands and magnifying glass

Plus, Minus, Interesting

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students examine ideas, concepts, and experiences from more than one perspective before drawing conclusions or making decisions.

Father and daughter doing online banking

Buying Power: The Math Behind Money


Learn the basics of managing your money.

portrait de Courtney Harnum

Courtney Harnum

Career Profiles

Capital Budget Lead

I am responsible for the planning, coordination, and delivery of Newfoundland Power's annual capital budget application.
portrait de Natasha Holmes

Natasha Holmes

Career Profiles

Associate Professor (Physics)

I study how people learn physics and how to structure physics courses to improve student learning.
Illustration of two individuals sharing ideas

Two Minute Review

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students process and consolidate new information through an active learning process.

Student wearing a vr headset in a classroom

VR Career Exploration


Students will learn about virtual reality technology and explore careers using this technology.

Cartoon doodles related to podcasts

Create Your Own Podcast


Students will learn about online content creation and create their own podcast.

portrait de Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Career Profiles

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Pamela Power

Pamela Power (she/her)

Career Profiles

Water Resources Specialist

I provide technical review of projects that may affect water resources to ensure your community’s rights and interests are being considered and protected.