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Summer Symposium Series: Climate Career Resources

Illustration of the Earth
Illustration of the Earth
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A career focused on climate change and sustainability would let you help people by working to help solve the biggest problems of our time.

Climate change is likely the problem of our time, so it may not surprise you to know that there are all sorts of careers out there geared toward dealing with the effects of it! Take a look through some lessons meant to get you oriented toward thinking about what it means to have a career in a field like sustainability or environmental sciences, and then browse through the career profiles of people who are already out there making a difference.

Where To Start:

Scientist testing water samples

Careers in the Great Outdoors

Students explore careers related to outdoors and the land and then design and build a water filter prototype.

Engineer inspecting a solar panel

Careers In Sustainability

Students explore non-traditional careers related to sustainability and sustainable development.


Further Resources:

Interested in what you've seen so far? Explore some of these backgrounders and lessons on topics in sustainability and climate change. You may uncover a passion you never knew you had!

Our climate is changing

Introduction to Climate Change

Learn more about the causes and impacts of global climate change.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Explore the greenhouse effect and learn about the impacts it can have on the environment.

Aquifer with tap

Groundwater Sustainability: Protecting our Hidden Treasure

Learn about groundwater and why we should protect it.

Hamilton, Ontario industrial area with Toronto skyline in the background

What are Greenhouse Gases?

This backgrounder explains what greenhouse gases are and how they contribute to climate change.

Wondering what else might be out there in terms of careers? Explore these career-planning activities and discover your future today!

Students visualizing in class

Visualizing Your Career

Using the process of visualization, students will start to identify preferred aspects of their ideal career.

Lacey Rose

Find a Career You Love

Students complete a matching activity to explore how interests and education relate to careers.

Career sector representatives

Exploring Career Sectors and Skills

Students will explore STEM career sectors and the skills required for a variety of STEM careers.

Tip of the career iceberg

Tip of the Career Iceberg

Students will explore the breadth of career opportunities through brainstorming, research and graphic organizers.