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Strand A. Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration

General Electric-Hitachi Power Reactor Innovative Small Module

Redefining Energy with Small Modular Reactors


Learn about small modular reactor technology and its future in Canada.

Rolls of aluminum

Chemistry in the Aluminum Industry


Learn about the role of chemistry in the aluminum industry.

Student wearing a vr headset in a classroom

VR Career Exploration


Students will learn about virtual reality technology and explore careers using this technology.

protrait de Julie Hlavacek-Larrond

Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (she/her)

Career Profiles

Astrophysicist and Associate professor

I study black holes, which I think are the most fascinating objects in the Universe!
portrait de Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence

Career Profiles

Sales Manager

As sales manager for Eos Positioning in Canada, I work with the Sales Reps, Marketing and Production.
Isabel Hilgendag

Isabel Hilgendag

Career Profiles

MSc Student (Biology)

I look for heavy metals, such as mercury, in Arctic marine animals, to ensure they are safe to eat.
Portrait de Christy Hipel

Christy Hipel

Career Profiles

Account Solutions (Sales)

I contact potential clients to help them understand how we can help them address their environmental problems.
Portrait de Delia Warren

Delia Warren (she/her)

Career Profiles

Lead Renewables Consultant

I help companies get involved in the offshore wind energy sector.
Engineers and architect looking at blueprints

Careers in Building and Design


Students explore careers that involve designing and building structures and devices.

Portrait de Evaline Warmels

Evaline Warmels

Career Profiles

Mechatronic Engineer

I design, build, and test devices that use electricity to do something that a human couldn't do on their own.
Stephanie Arnold pilotant un drone dans un champ de pommes de terre.

Stephanie Arnold (she/they)

Career Profiles

Climate Services Specialist (PEI)

I help others understand how climate change affects themselves, their communities and their work.
Evaline Warmels with lunar rover in background.

Evaline Warmels (Video)

Career Profiles

Mechatronical Engineer

As an electrical engineer at Canadensys, I help build robots (lunar landers) that will explore the surface of the moon.
Space Shuttle Columbia launching

Careers In The Space Sector


Adrienne Ethier

Adrienne Ethier

Career Profiles

Environmental Risk Assessment Specialist

I am responsible for evaluating potential exposure risks to people and the environment near nuclear facilities and mines.
portrait de Anastasiia Prysyazhnyuk

Anastasiia Prysyazhnyuk

Career Profiles

Science and Innovation Lead, Health Beyond Initiative

I explore ways in which science and technology can provide solutions to healthcare problems in space and on Earth.