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The Earth and Space

Nancy Rogers standing on a rocky outcrop with Labradorite mineral insert

Nancy Rogers

Career Profiles

Genuine Prospector and Craftsperson

I travel to remote areas looking for signs of minerals and crystals.
Rolls of aluminum

Chemistry in the Aluminum Industry


Learn about the role of chemistry in the aluminum industry.

Image of a windmill with a cloudy sky in the background.

How could you design a wind-powered elevator?

Hands-on Activities

Design a device that uses the power of wind to lift a small object.

Silhouette of person in front of aurora

Auroras: Spectacular Light Shows


Learn about auroras - spectacular light shows in the night sky.

portrait de Sarah Lockwood

Sarah Lockwood (she/her)

Career Profiles

Mine Geologist

I study the geology of an area to figure out where diamonds are located.
Marg Rutka

Marg Rutka

Career Profiles

Geoscience Editor

I edit geoscience maps, reports and digital data to ensure clarity in writing, consistency and accuracy prior to publication
Portrait de Delia Warren

Delia Warren (she/her)

Career Profiles

Lead Renewables Consultant

I help companies get involved in the offshore wind energy sector.
Anuj Sharma with sculpted dragon head in background

Anuj Sharma (he/him)

Career Profiles

Science Demonstrator

I explain Earth Science phenomena and projects to visitors at Science North.
Earth with thermometer

Let's Talk Climate Change: Resources


Discover a set of resources to give you background knowledge on climate change.

Chrystine Patoine in underground mine

Chrystine Patoine (She/Her)

Career Profiles

Blasting and Drilling Engineer

I calculate the best places to put explosives so we can reach underground ore deposits.
Geological surveying equipment

Deciding Where to Dig: Geology and Mining


Learn about how mining companies find good locations for mining.

A biodiesel filling station

Introduction to Biofuels

STEM Explained

Learn about biofuels and what makes them a promising alternative to fossil fuels.

Cars driving through thick smog

How Vehicles Pollute the Air


Learn how vehicles affect air quality, including their contribution to smog.

Balanced stones on a pebble beach

What are rocks?


Learn about the types of rocks, the rock cycle, and weathering and erosion.

Artist image of Theia crashing into Earth

Origin of Earth’s Moon


Learn how Earth’s moon came to be and what we have learned from Moon rocks.