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Unit 2: Climatology and Meteorology

Air conditioner and plant

Humidity: Outdoors and Indoors


Learn about the importance of humidity, its sources and how people control it indoors.

portrait par Shawn Fisher

Shawn Fisher

Career Profiles

CEO and Co-Founder

I advance sustainable food production at the point of consumption by inventing smart farming appliances.
Portrait de Michele Martin pris à l'extérieur avec une île en arrière-plan

Michele Martin

Career Profiles

Climate Training Program Specialist

I support university-wide climate change educational programming and coordinate external professional development opportunities.
Vincent Scully sur une plage près de St. Andrews, Nouveau-Brunswick

Vincent Scully (he/him)

Career Profiles

Environmental Communicator

I help communities to take actions that will have positive impacts on the environment.
Jennifer Baltzer wearing a bibbed hat, purple tee-shirt with trees in the background.

Jennifer Baltzer (she/her)

Career Profiles

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Forests and Global Change

I work at a university, teaching students and conducting research on the impact of climate change on forests in Canada and around the world.
Caitlyn Lyons setting out in forested area with backpack and data collecting tools. Insert photo shows Caitlyn examining a section of sod.

Caitlyn Lyons (she/her)

Career Profiles

Ph.D. Candidate

I am working towards my PhD and studying the forests in the Northwest Territories.
Sunrise over a farm field with wind turbines

Green Careers


Discover some of the many STEM-focused green careers dealing with the environment and climate change.

Dominique Poulin headshot

Dominique Poulin

Career Profiles

Mission Scientist

I am in charge of a mission whose goal is to acquire data from space, to monitor water quality in coastal areas and inland waters (e.g. algae).
Greg Flato

Greg Flato

Career Profiles

Director of Climate Change Research Division

I oversee a broad climate research program in ECCC, and I helped create global climate models to help us understand how and why the climate has changed.
portrait de Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis (she/her)

Career Profiles

Senior Scientist

I research and develop new technologies which help fight climate change.
portrait de Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff

Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff (she/her)

Career Profiles

Senior Manager, Project Controls

I lead a team that provides cost, schedule, risk, and reporting services to the Darlington New Nuclear Project, which will build Canada's first grid scale Small Modular Reactor.
General Electric-Hitachi Power Reactor Innovative Small Module

Redefining Energy with Small Modular Reactors


Learn about small modular reactor technology and its future in Canada.

Silhouette of person in front of aurora

Auroras: Spectacular Light Shows


Learn about auroras - spectacular light shows in the night sky.

Peat bog in northern Alberta

Peat Bogs and the Ring of Fire


Learn about peat bogs, the threats they face and how you can help.

Jonas Goldman

Jonas Goldman

Career Profiles

Trade and Climate Change Policy Analysis

I research various subjects (technology, economics, politics) to inform the making of climate policy.