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Grades 7-8

Psychology Volunteer Activities

IN-SYNC’s Dancing Along to Belong!

Students will learn how to feel closer to their peers even while being apart during the pandemic through learning about movement synchrony and learning a dance together.

Chemistry Volunteer Activities

Mix It Up

Students explore why some things dissolve but not others by learning about particle interactions.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Monster Mash

Students will classify species of monsters using a creature dichotomous key.

Astronomy and Space Science Volunteer Activities

Constellation Viewers

Students will learn about stars and create a "constellation viewer" where they can create a constellation to look at.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Animal Adaptations

Students have the opportunity explore different ways that animals insulate themselves to stay warm in winter by testing different insulating materials in ice cold water (e.g., fur, cotton balls, foil, thermal sock, etc.).

Biology Volunteer Activities

Food Web Jenga

Students will learn about food chains and trophic levels, and then gain an appreciation for the complexity and interconnectedness of ecosystems and how food chains are affected by environmental events using a game of Jenga with colour-coded blocks.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Make Your Own Bottled Music

Students see how different amounts of air and water in a space can change the way we hear sounds.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Make a "Coat Hanger Walkman"

Students explore the science of sound by creating their own "Walkman" which transmits vibrations through a piece of string.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Students will go on an outdoor scavenger hunt to find things related to nature and the environment.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Summer Time Bucket List

Students will do a variety of activities listed on their "Summer Time Bucket List" and try to check off as many activities as possible over the course of the summer break.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges (Grade 7)

Students are introduced to form and function of structures and then build a bridge given certain limitations.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Electricity: Harry Potter Type Wands

Students are introduced to a simple circuit and switch with a light bulb, similar to a Harry Potter type wand.

Chemistry Volunteer Activities

The Application of Polymers: Plastics!

Students are introduced to different types of household plastics and the concept of polymers and then complete two related experiments.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Trip To Mars

This activity consists of coding and engineering/physics problems that students go through on how to launch a rocket and get to Mars.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Fingerprints (Virtual kit drop-off)

Make a hand stencil, then record your fingerprints with graphite and examine them up close to learn about your unique fingerprints.