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Grades 11-12

Information Technology

The Future of AI in the Workplace

Learners will use their knowledge of AI to ponder and form questions about the future of AI in the workplace and what role citizens could play in its development for daily use.

Information Technology

What's in a Face?

Learners will use their knowledge of AI and how facial filters work to explore the pros and cons of this rapidly advancing technology.


Quite a Combo! Let's Talk Combinatorics

Explore combinations, permutations and why math is relevant in everyday life.


How to Shapeshift: Molecular Edition

Students will be able to further their knowledge of organic chemistry through further understanding the four main organic compound groups and how they can change!

Earth & Environmental Sciences

A, B, Seas: The Fundamentals of Oceanography

In this workshop, students will learn some of the basic concepts of oceanography with a focus on how global-level changes can influence ocean cycles, such as climate change.

Information Technology

The Use of AI in Healthcare

Learners will use their knowledge of AI to ponder and complete a consequence map about the use of AI in the healthcare sector, through exploring a real-life scenario.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Climate Change Expedition - Virtual

Students will analyze historical, long-term trends in climate and explore environmental process through hands-on activities to gain an understanding of weather and climate in Northern Canada and relate to their own experiences with local weather patterns to discuss the changing climate in the north.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Icy Investigation

Students analyze ice core samples to help learn about the climate in the past.


Food Web Jenga - Climate Change Extension

Students will learn about the importance of food webs and how climate change can disrupt them.

Health Sciences

Blood Spatter Analysis

In this activity, students will use blood spatter and physics principles to solve a crime.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tomatosphere (Virtual)

This activity is a virtual delivery option for the Tomatosphere: Setting up the Seed Investigation workshop.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Science of Snowflakes

Create your own unique snowflake!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Climate Change Escape Room Challenge

A set of challenges set around climate change.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Food Security

Take on the role of Urban planner to design a system and resources to increase local access to food.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

A Circular Future

Students learn about the environmental impact clothing has, how fabrics are made and what a closed-loop sustainable clothing industry could look like in the future.