National Volunteer Award, Online

2019 Award Winner:
Harleen Saini

Harleen Saini

Harleen holds the record for “most articles reviewed by a CurioCity volunteer” and is always willing to help. She approaches each task not as a volunteer, but as a teammate. She writes in a fun, conversational tone that helps draw readers into complex topics. It’s like learning STEM from a good friend.

2019 Runners-Up:

Audrey Le Pioufle

Audrey has been a regular contributor to CurioCity and responds enthusiastically to any requests for content. She cites her own experience as a geologist in her articles, adding a personal touch to her work.

Leanne Grieves

Leanne started writing for CurioCity in 2018 and took the initiative to write two articles about invasive species. She does an excellent job of communicating in a writing style that is accessible to and interesting for teen readers.

Past Winners:
  • 2018 – Moushumi Nath
  • 2017 - Mira Okshevsky
  • 2016 – Anna Zhou, University of Toronto