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From the Depths of the Ocean Towards the Edge of the Universe

| August 6, 2021 | Share on:

This week the Daily Discovery Series went out of this world on its quest for enjoyment and curiosity. Programming assistants spent time building everything from moon landers to making sundials during a heatwave - all from recyclable materials! 

Marine biology and ocean sciences graduate Cassidy Arnold prefers life underwater, but it didn’t take much for her to dive into the week’s activities. She even learned a fun fact! Did you know scientists have yet to hold rocks from Mars? Neither did we! 

Tasked with writing and filming the space probe video, she got to work using only recycled and recyclable materials. The Daily Discovery Series encourages youth to get outside, be curious and explore. Cassidy tries to do the same while working, “Getting away from a desk or a screen and getting outside is valuable for so many reasons, including making discoveries about the world around us.”

Two other programming assistants also took their work outside as they worked through the sundial activity. Located in Penticton, British Columbia, one assistant was filming their sundial in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures reaching 44 C. 

Week three featured programming assistants reading a greek mythology story about the constellations. For those who watched the videos, you would have seen a programming assistant reading from a book and narrating the story. But, the truth is, each assistant had their story memorized and they were not reading from the book. 

The best part about reading this blog is definitely the exclusive behind-the-scenes information you gain and the hard-hitting questions we answer.


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Fascinated with biology and marine life in high school, Cassidy found a passion for food sustainability in university. Combining these passions, she is on a mission to discover how humans can source food that is not harmful to the environment while creating jobs and curing hunger. 

Cassidy also has a deep understanding of how far science can get us in life, and stresses the endless possibilities that it can provide. On top of her drive to make the world a better place, Cassidy is in the process of earning her scuba diving instructor certification because she wants to share her love of the ocean and teaching with others.Cassidy Arnold in scuba diving gear

“You’re never too young to get involved with STEM and working on projects and immersing yourself in different opportunities. Students can always start initiatives at their school that promote sustainability, making them eco-friendly.”

For youth not as interested in STEM as others, Cassidy believes any passion can be combined with science. “For someone who loves art and enjoys being creative, these disciplines are easily combined. They could write a documentary about STEM that showcases scientific concepts.”

At Let’s Talk Science, we truly believe the Daily Discovery Series is more than just learning about science. Encouraging youth across Canada to get outside and be creative and sustainable, the Daily Discovery Series sparks enjoyment in young scientists. Artists have the chance to build moon landers and young explorers who love technology can learn about digital literacy. The Daily Discovery Series could be the start of a lifelong passion for STEM!

What does the Daily Discovery Series mean to Cassidy? “Throughout my post-secondary education, I relied heavily on videos to explain and understand concepts. I know first-hand how helpful video content can be” The Daily Discovery Series allows her to give back and contribute to virtual learning for little scientists.



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