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Picture Collections

Objects made from a variety of materials

Properties of Materials

10 images showing objects that are hard, soft, flexible, rigid, rough, smooth, strong, fragile, buoyant and non-buoyant

Meat-eating dinosaurs

Meat-eating Dinosaurs

10 images of meat-eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

Plant-eating dinosaurs

Plant-eating Dinosaurs

10 images of plant-eating dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

Stratus Clouds

Weather: Stratus Clouds

5 images of stratus clouds that cover a wide horizontal layer in the sky at low level and are often associated with rain or drizzle

Fluffy snow on deciduous tree

Weather: Snow

10 images of some snowflake crystals and some winter scenes with snow

Cumulus Clouds

Weather: Cumulus Clouds

5 images of cumulus clouds that are white, puffy clouds with a flat base at mid level and are often associated with fair weather


Weather: Conditions

11 images that illustrate some daily weather conditions such as cold, hot and windy

Cirrus Clouds

Weather: Cirrus Clouds

5 images of cirrus clouds that are wispy or feather-like clouds at high level, made of ice crystals and may indicate an approaching storm

Red Onion, Parsnips, Lettuce


14 images of some plants such as carrots, cabbage and leeks whose roots, stems or leaves are used for food

Trees: In Winter

Trees: In Winter

10 images of various winter scenes showing some coniferous and deciduous trees in snowy conditions

Hazy Summer Day By The River

Trees: In Summer

9 images showing some scenes with coniferous and deciduous trees in the summer

New Leaf Growth

Trees: In Spring

10 images of some coniferous and deciduous trees showing new growth in the spring season

Colourful Maple Tree

Trees: In Autumn

10 images showing some scenes with coniferous and deciduous trees in the fall or autumn season

Weather Vane

Tools: Weather Instruments

15 images of various instruments such as rain gauges, wind vanes and weather satellites used to inform us about the weather

Digital Baking Thermometer

Tools: Thermometers

6 images of some instruments such as clinical and baking thermometers that have been designed to measure temperature for specific purposes