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Picture Collections

Objects made from a variety of materials

Properties of Materials

10 images showing objects that are hard, soft, flexible, rigid, rough, smooth, strong, fragile, buoyant and non-buoyant

Meat-eating dinosaurs

Meat-eating Dinosaurs

10 images of meat-eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

Plant-eating dinosaurs

Plant-eating Dinosaurs

10 images of plant-eating dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

Plants: Human Use

Plants: Human Use

15 images of some products created by humans and are made from plants such as shelter, food and clothing

Measuring Slope Of Soil

Careers: Soil Scientist

5 images some work that a scientist who studies the Earth's soil might do such as classifying types of soil and measuring the slope of soil

Landscaper Planting

Careers: Landscaper

5 images of some work that landscapers might do such as planning, planting and maintaining gardens


Careers: Horticulturalist

5 images of some work that horticulturalists might do such as cultivating and caring for plants in various environments

Dietitian Sorting Out Food Groups

Careers: Dietitian

5 images of some work that a dietitian might do such as educating patients about how food affects their healt

Ferris Wheel: The London Eye

Simple Machines: Wheels And Axles

6 images of some objects such as ferris wheels and skate boards with wheel and axle mechanisms that create rotary movement

Seesaw [Class 1 Lever]

Simple Machines: Levers

6 images of some objects such as tweezers, scissors and wheel barrows that use the lever principle to create movement for a specific purpose

Boreal Forest

Plants: Biomes

9 images of plants in some large naturally occuring habitats called biomes such as tundra, grasslands and boreal forests



5 images representing the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching

Green tree frog


12 images of some cold-blooded animals such as frogs and newts classified as amphibians that can live in the water or on land

Stratus Clouds

Weather: Stratus Clouds

5 images of stratus clouds that cover a wide horizontal layer in the sky at low level and are often associated with rain or drizzle

Fluffy snow on deciduous tree

Weather: Snow

10 images of some snowflake crystals and some winter scenes with snow