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The Future of STEM Education in Canada - Webinar


: 12 - 1 PM EST
May 23, 2024
: Free
Bonnie Schmidt assisting with Let's Talk Science Event

Get a front row seat - virtually - for an illuminating and provocative conversation about the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the Future of Education in Canada. A panel of experts will join Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, President and Founder of Let’s Talk Science for this important conversation that you need to be a part of. 

  • Exploring the Future: Gain insights from leaders in education who are engaged in research and program development that will help shape the future of classrooms across Canada. 

  • Investing for Impact: Learn how your contributions can fuel advancements in STEM education and address corporate community investment goals. Explore innovative initiatives that address critical issues, including equity, diversity and talent development.  

  • Sustainable Solutions: Discover how your support can create lasting change and empower future generations. 

By attending this webinar, you'll be: 
  • Inspired by visionary ideas and groundbreaking initiatives in STEM education programming for all educators and youth

  • Empowered to invest in a brighter future for youth in Canada 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, connect, and become a driving force in shaping the Future of Education for all youth in Canada. 

 Because how we educate our kids
Is how we change our future.


Meet the Speakers 

Bonnie Schmidt
Dr. Bonnie Schmidt
CM, PhD, FRSC. ICD.D, President & Founder of Let’s Talk Science

Bonnie founded Let’s Talk Science in 1993 to promote STEM engagement among children and youth while pursuing her PhD in Physiology. Bonnie is deeply involved in various scientific and educational initiatives, serving on boards and committees such as Genome Canada and the Federal Government’s AI Public Awareness Working Group. Bonnie's dedication to education and youth development has been recognized with numerous awards, including membership in the Order of Canada and Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada, as well as an Honorary Degree from Toronto Metropolitan University. 


Laura Elliott
Laura Elliott
Executive Director, Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE)

Laura has over 35 years of experience in education, including roles as Director of Education, Superintendent, and Executive Superintendent across various school boards and organizations in Ontario. She is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for all students, especially those who face challenges or have been marginalized historically. Laura’s extensive involvement with the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE), and her role as Chair of the Board of Governors at Ontario Tech University, and member of the Board of Governors for Fanshawe College demonstrates her commitment to advancing education priorities in K-12 and post-secondary.


David Lapides
David Lapides
MA, PMC, Vice President, Programs, Let’s Talk Science

Since 2016, David has been the VP of programs at Let’s Talk Science. Formerly, he worked in education and held management roles at SMART Technologies and ExploreLearning, focusing on collaborative learning technology and digital simulations. With his education and technology background, David contributes to global teaching transformation. He’s involved in advisory committees with Smithsonian Science Education Center and SuperDARN Canada. David holds degrees from Amherst College and the University of Texas at Austin.


Janice Williams
Janice Williams
B.Ed., M.P.Ed., OCT, Education Consultant

Janice is a highly accomplished educator and consultant with a bachelor's degree in science education and a master's in educational leadership and policy. Her expertise spans local and global education sectors, contributing valuable insights. As a member of the HundrED Academy and a Board Director for Let's Talk Science, she champions accessible and engaging Science and Technology education. In her previous role with the New Brunswick Government, she led curriculum renewal efforts and spearheaded the 2021 Climate Education Action Plan. Janice is also a Climate Interactive EnROADS Climate Ambassador, a Global Goals Ambassador, and a member of Women in AI + Ed, promoting environmental sustainability, education innovation, and women's roles in AI and education. Her dedication has empowered learning communities worldwide to reimagine education.


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