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Fish Market Survey

Student uses a pipet to extract DNA with other students looking on.

Fish Market Survey

Senior biology students use a DNA barcoding kit to test local grocery store fish samples, and discover if the fish they bought is mislabeled and part of food fraud!

A student takes a sample of fish for the Fish Market Survey project

Data Collection for the Fish Market Survey

This is the core activity for the Fish Market Survey Action Project. Students will collect samples of fish from local grocery stores or fish markets and prepare the samples for shipment to the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics in Guelph, Ontario.

Students collaborating

Introduction to the Fish Market Survey

In this introductory activity, students will read two articles about the issue of fish mislabelling and complete two graphic organizers to identify the issue, its implications and possible solutions. They will complete the organizers individually and in pairs, and then discuss the results with the whole class.