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A Step Up: How Volunteering with Let's Talk Science helped Julia Wakulewicz find her Career

Blog | April 23, 2024 | Share on:

Pandemic restrictions were making life complicated when Julia Wakulewicz started her first job after graduating with a master’s degree in biotechnology. Fortunately, Julia had skills she gained as a volunteer with Let’s Talk Science to fall back on. 

“When you’re delivering workshops to kids, you have to be quick on your feet and be creative. You have to be dynamic and creative to hold their interest. These skills were definitely helpful for entering the workforce during Covid. They also have been extremely helpful for working in startups like I do because things are changing and growing quickly and you have to adapt as you go,” says Julia. 

Julia stands in a field against the backdrop of green foliage and bright blue skies. She is wearing a blue Let's Talk Science t-shirt, with her brown hair falling over her shoulders as she smiles at the camera.

Julia has been working as a Marketing Lead at Kraken Sense since April 2023. Kraken Sense develops autonomous pathogen detection systems that leverage advanced technology to analyze water quality. She says that her experience as a volunteer with Let’s Talk Science at McMaster also helped her develop other important skills. 

“Beyond the joy of sharing my passion for STEM, volunteering with Let’s Talk Science played a crucial role in shaping my career and personal growth. I not only improved my communication skills but also developed empathy and patience when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities. These soft skills have proven invaluable in my career in biotech and marketing.” 

Julia credits her mom with introducing her to the wonders of STEM. “My mom definitely did a lot of experiments with me. Even with baking, sometimes we would just separate the batter into portions and try different ingredients in each one and see if the texture was changed – that sort of thing. Those experiences definitely sparked my interest in science.” 

Julia is well aware that not every child enjoys those opportunities, and she treasures memories of impactful moments she shared with students at Let’s Talk Science workshops. She recalls one girl who seemed reluctant to join in at first but then bragged later to her classmates about her scientific results mixing liquids to make different colours.  

“It was a heartwarming moment that clearly demonstrated how Let's Talk Science could empower young individuals to not only grasp complex concepts but also become confident and enthusiastic learners. Seeing her transformation from a reserved participant to a passionate science communicator was a testament to the lasting impact of Let's Talk Science on young minds.”