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Standing with the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community: Inclusive Education for All Kids

News | September 25, 2023 | Share on:

Let’s Talk Science opposes any call for the removal of 2SLGBTQ+ educational content from or erasure of 2SLGBTQ+ identities within schools. Schools must be safe and nurturing places for everyone; this is especially critical for children as they develop their own identity. Education should be inclusive and affirming for children and youth, allowing them to feel safe and valued as they build towards a future where they are respected and empowered.

We are committed to building affirming learning, working and volunteering environments. We are committed to amplifying underrepresented voices within the world of education. We encourage you to connect with friends and family within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and to take this as an opportunity to educate yourself, grow, and support those around you as we work towards a future free from discrimination.

Let’s Talk Science remains focused on creating and delivering inclusive programming for youth, educators, and volunteers that seeks to affirm the lived experiences and identities of all the communities we reach.