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Student colouring a mandala

Math & Mandalas

In this lesson, students explore the connection between arts, math and mindfulness as they create mandalas.

Astronaut cartoon

Can you program Dot to get back to Earth?

Using Scratch, create a program that will get Dot back to Earth.

Colourful 3D shapes

Can you debug these 3D shapes?

Using cubes, build a 3D shape based off of pictures taken from different perspectives.

Graph paper with pencil crayons

Can you code a program with graph paper?

Create a code to travel from the start square to the end square of a graph paper or draw a picture.

Gordie Howe International Bridge: Fluor Project Between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario

Build a Paper Bridge

Build and test a bridge made out of nothing but paper!

Two faces each with one eye visible

Why do we need two eyes to see?

Ever wondered why we have two eyes (and not one, three or more)? Find how your two eyes work together in this hands-on activity.

Why do raisins dance in soda pop?

Why do raisins dance in soda pop?

Let them bop ‘til they drop! What causes these raisins to reach new heights in this hands on activity?

Why do oil and water not mix?

Why do oil and water not mix?

What chemistry determines how oil and water behave when mixed? Explore the mixing of oil and water and the density of liquids in this activity.

Why do leaves change colour in the fall?

Why do leaves change colour in the fall?

How do the green leaves of summer change to vibrant colours in fall? Explore plant pigments in this chromatography activity.

What uses electricity?

What uses electricity?

Take a tour of different rooms in your home. Which items in each room use electricity? How do you know they use electricity?

What speeds up a chemical reaction?

What speeds up a chemical reaction?

Learn about the role of yeast in this fun decomposition reaction.

Circle of colours

What is white light?

Find out what happens if you spin the colours of the rainbow in this hands-on activity.