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Four Harvard training aircraft

How Planes Fly

Learn about what gets planes up in the air, what keeps them up there, and what brings them down again.

Image showing the physics of flight on a drone.

Resources on Physics and Aerospace

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to physics and aerospace.

Eric testing an optical illusion

ScienceXplosion - Optical Illusion, My Eye

On this episode of ScienceXplosion, Eric learns how our brain connects separate images together to create the illusion of movement. It's not magic, it's science!

Pitcher holding a baseball

Why Do Curveballs Curve?

Bernoulli’s equation is key to understanding why curveballs curve.

Mars Science Laboratory Parachute Qualification Testing

Testing Parachutes for Mars

NASA engineers apply kinematics and dynamics to test parachutes designed specifically to help space probes land safely using aerodynamics.

Space junk

Space Junk

Litter isn't just a problem on Earth. When litter ends up in space, it can cause collisions and other consequences for satellites, the International Space Station and even for people on Earth!

How can I make a bottle rocket?

How can I make a bottle rocket?

Use a pop bottle and other everyday materials to create a rocket that you can launch outdoors.

How can I build a rollercoaster?

How can I build a rollercoaster?

Try your hand at building a “super coaster” using materials around your home.

Artist’s conception of NASA’s Space Launch System

Escape Velocity

Why do a baseball and a rocket need the same launch speed to get from Earth into space? It has to do with physics and gravitational force.

Woodpecker on a tree

Do Woodpeckers Get Concussions?

Pecking puts a lot of force on a woodpecker’s brain. But scientists think woodpecker bodies are adapted to help keep them from being injured during pecking-related collisions.

Billiard balls and a cue stick on a felt-covered table (PIRO4D, Pixabay)

Billiards and Collisions

The game of billiards shows the principles of collisions, momentum & impulse, and kinetics at work!

Brittany Marchand | Golfeuse professionnelle LPGA

Brittany Marchand

Professional Golfer

Brittany Marchand is a professional golfer for the Ladies Professional Golf Association.