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Stem Cells

Christopher Wynder

Dr. Christopher Wynder

Director, Product Marketing

Dr. Christopher Wynder is the Director of Product Marketing for OpenText
Embryonic stem cells

Resources on Stem Cells

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to stem cells.

A 3D-rendered illustration of stem cells

My Stem Cell Donation Story

In April 2016, Let’s Talk Science volunteer Daniel Tarade donated stem cells to help a person who needed a stem cell transplant to survive. Learn what stem cells are, how and why people donate, and what Daniel’s experience was like.

Ryan Conder | Scientifique principal, STEMCELL Technologies

Ryan Conder

Senior Scientist

Ryan Conder is a Senior Scientist at STEMCELL Technologies.
Andy Kokaji | Directeur associé de Immunologie, STEMCELL Technologies

Andy Kokaji

Associate Director of Immunology

Andy Kokaji is an associate director of immunology at STEMCELL Technologies.
Michael Hiatt | Scientifique, STEMCELL Technologies

Michael Hiatt


Michael Hiatt is a Scientist at STEMCELL Technologies.