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Benjamin Pauquet designing a part for the lunar lander on his computer

Benjamin Pauquet (video)

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles.
Evaline Warmels with lunar rover in background.

Evaline Warmels (Video)

Mechatronical Engineer

As an electrical engineer at Canadensys, I help build robots (lunar landers) that will explore the surface of the moon.
Evaline Warmels headshot taken outside in winter.

Evaline Warmels

Mechatronic Engineer

I design, build, and test devices that use electricity to do something that a human couldn't do on their own.
Benjamin Pauquet with lunar rover in testing room.

Benjamin Pauquet (he/him)

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles.
Peter Visscher devant un tableau blanc

Peter Visscher

Robotic Vehicle Development, General Manager

I work with my team to develop extreme robotic vehicles designed to operate off-road and off-planet.
The face of the planet Mars (NASA)

Destination Mars

Discover how space agencies have explored the Red Planet in the past and present and learn about the future of human spaceflight to the red planet.

Astronaut cartoon

Can you program Dot to get back to Earth?

Using Scratch, create a program that will get Dot back to Earth.

Colourful 3D shapes

Can you debug these 3D shapes?

Using cubes, build a 3D shape based off of pictures taken from different perspectives.

Graph paper with pencil crayons

Can you code a program with graph paper?

Create a code to travel from the start square to the end square of a graph paper or draw a picture.

Ignacio Tartavull

Ignacio Tartavull


Ignacio started a business that builds and operates remotely controlled food-delivery robots.
Screen shot from The Solutioneers episode 3

The Solutioneers Week 3: Friends, Robots, Lend Me an Arm

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore robotics.

Josephy Reimer | Technicien en systèmes de contrôle

Joseph Reimer

Controls Technician

Joseph Reimer is a Controls Technician at D&D Automation Inc.
Aaron Remisch | Chargé de projets en infrastructures essentielles

Aaron Remisch

Project Officer Critical Infrastructure

Aaron Remisch is a Project Officer Critical Infrastructure for the Canadian Armed Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges.
Kevin Lee | Policier et opérateur de véhicule télécommandé

Kevin Lee

Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator

Kevin Lee is a Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator for the Toronto Police Marine Unit.