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Portrait de Isha Berry

Isha Berry


I look for patterns in disease outbreaks and health outcomes in populations across the world.
Image of a tide pool

Diversity of Canada’s Marine Coastal Habitats

Learn about the plants and animals in Canada’s marine coastal habitats, and what you can do to protect them.

Bee on flower covered in pollen

Pollinators are Important!

Insects and other animals that are pollinators of plants play an important role in ecosystems.

Great tits eat from a bird feeder

Natural Selection in Your Backyard

A study on bird feeders and beak sizes shows how an everyday human activity can affect the evolution of another species.

bees on frame held by beekeeper

How are the World's Bee Populations Doing?

Bees are important for agriculture. But bee populations face threats. This resource looks at Colony Collapse Disorder, herbicides & pesticides, and more.

fancy guppies

Guppies, Guppies Everywhere!

How do different populations adapt to their environment? Let’s explore this concept through guppy speciation.

Birds flying near a wind farm

Are wind farms a threat to wildlife?

Wind power is a growing source of electricity generation. But wind projects often affect local wildlife populations, and researchers are using environmental monitoring techniques to alleviate some of these impacts.