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Field Work

3D rendering of the offshore oceanographic science vessel

Canada’s Next Generation Oceanographic Science Research Ship


Learn about Canada’s newest Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel.

Jeff Clements tenant une étoile de mer

Jeff Clements

Research Scientist

Jeff Clements is a Research Scientist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada Gulf Region.
Volcanologists looking at glowing lava

Career Exploration : Volcanologist


Students construct a model of a volcano and explore the career of a volcanologist.

Outdoor crime scene

You Be the Crime Scene Investigator


Students will learn about crime scene investigation and its connections to cell biology and careers.

Julie Koloff au travail à l'extérieur

Julie Koloff

Career Profiles

Wetland Specialist

Julie Koloff is a Wetland Specialist for Jacobs, located in Alberta.
Diana Chomack

Diana Chomack

Environmental Planner

Diana Chomack is an Environmental Planner for Jacobs, located in British Columbia.
Pamela Livingston | Biologiste de terrain

Pamela Livingston

Field Biologist

Pamela Livingston is a Field Biologist at DuPont Canada.