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Luke Humphries working with biological sample in his lab.

Luke Humphries

Director, Process Development

I lead teams of scientists to discover and develop the best ways of making drug molecules for clinical trials.
Tania George

Tania George

Team Lead, Clinical Data Management

Tania George is the Team Lead of Clinical Data Management for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Renee Mastalerz | Directrice

Renee Mastalerz

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Renee Mastalerz is the Manager of Talent Acquisition for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Paulo Covizzi | Directeur principal des opérations de développement

Paulo Covizzi

Senior Manager, Development Operations

Paulo Covizzi is the Senior Manager of Development Operations for Amgen.
Nusheem Ditta

Nusheen Ditta

Senior Study Data Manager

Nusheen Ditta is a Senior Study Data Manager for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Michelle Irvine | Coordonnatrice du marketing

Michelle Irvine

Marketing Coordinator

Michelle Irvine is the Marketing Coordinator for Amgen.
Maureen Bot | Responsable de l'information médicale

Maureen Bot

Senior Manager, Medical Information

Maureen Bot is a Senior Manager of Medical Information for Amgen.
Leann Sweeney | directrice de la performance des ventes et du marketing

Leann Sweeney

Director, Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Leann Sweeney is the Director of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness for Amgen Canada.
Francesco di Marco | Directeur général

Francesco di Marco

General Manager

Francesco di Marco is the General Manager of Amgen Canada Inc.
Andrew Brereton travaillant à l'ordinateur

Andrew E. Brereton

Computational Scientist

I write code that teaches computers how to design new drugs.
Angela Burigana | Associée principale, Programmes de soutien aux médecins et aux patients

Angela Burigana

Sr Associate, Medical & Patient Support Programs

Angela Burigana is the Sr Associate for Medical & Patient Support Programs at Amgen Canada Inc.
Louisa Pericleous

Louisa Pericleous

Global Director, Access Strategy Lead

Louisa's job is to ensure patients across the world have the best possible access to medications.
Jane McBride

Jane McBride

Clinical Trials, Country Lead

Jane monitors drug testing and clinical trials in Canada.
Cory Nykiforuk

Cory Nykiforuk

Director, Pipeline Research

Scientist looking through a microscope

Where Do New Medicines Come From?

Learn how new medicines are developed and tested in Canada.