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close up of technicians hands showing pipette with blood sample from a container

Marta V. (she/her)

Forensic Search Biologist

I examine evidence from crime scenes for biological material such as blood, semen, or touch DNA.
Shari Forbes à l'extérieur du centre de décomposition humaine

Shari Forbes (she/her/elle)

Forensic Scientist

I conduct research to understand how the human body decomposes in our unique Canadian environment.
Outdoor crime scene

You Be the Crime Scene Investigator

Students will learn about crime scene investigation and its connections to cell biology and careers.

Photo de Alicia Rose Rossi

Alicia Rose Rossi

Forensic Identification Assistant

Alicia Rose Rossi is a Forensic Identification Assistant for the York Regional Police.
Murray Clayton | Forensic Anthropologist

Murray Clayton

Forensic Anthropologist & Outreach Coordinator

Murray Clayton is a Forensic Anthropologist & Outreach Coordinator for the University of Toronto Mississauga.
Kevin Lee | Policier et opérateur de véhicule télécommandé

Kevin Lee

Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator

Kevin Lee is a Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator for the Toronto Police Marine Unit.
Jeff Clarke | Agent de police au service de police de Toronto

Jeff Clarke

Police Constable

Jeff Clarke is a police constable for the Toronto Police Service.
Kevin Lee - Police Officer

Kevin Lee (Video)

Police Officer

Kevin Lee is a Police Officer in the Toronto Marine Unit.
Jeff Clarke - Police Constable Toronto Police Service

Jeff Clarke (Video)


Jeff Clarke is a Diver for the Toronto Police Marine Unit.
Kona Williams | Pathologiste judiciaire

Kona Williams

Forensic Pathologist

Kona Williams is a Forensic Pathologist for Ontario Forensic Pathology Service.