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Food Safety

Student uses a pipet to extract DNA with other students looking on.

Fish Market Survey

Senior biology students use a DNA barcoding kit to test local grocery store fish samples, and discover if the fish they bought is mislabeled and part of food fraud!

Portrait de Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

Head of the Food division

I teach and do research on the topics of Food Chemistry and Food Processing.
Constance Hanna en train de travailler sur des machines

Constance Hanna (she/her)

Industrial Maintenance Millwright

I fix all types of machines that make and package food Items.
Edmund Co

Edmund Co

Food Scientist

I use my chemical knowledge to investigate quality complaints and legal issues for the LCBO.
What are curds and whey?

What are curds and whey?

It starts with curds and whey! Explore the basic chemistry behind making cheese in this hands on activity.

Is there a difference between baking powder and baking soda?

Is there a difference between baking powder and baking soda?

Explore acid-base chemical reactions that really get things bubbling in the kitchen!

How is food packaged?

How is food packaged?

Take a closer look at food packaging. Explore why and how food is packaged in different ways.

How does detergent work?

How does detergent work?

Become a pro at washing dishes! Learn how the chemical structure of detergent makes it perfect for attracting grease and grime.

How can I stop bananas from turning brown?

How can I stop bananas from turning brown?

Explore the chemistry behind why bananas turn brown. Can chemistry also help prevent this?

Gamma ray image of the Milky Way taken by NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope (NASA)

Gamma Rays: Helper or Hazard?

Gamma rays might make you think of cancer, harmful radiation or superheroes. But gamma rays have lots of uses: food safety, manufacturing and even medicine!

a boy looks at a hamburger

Do You Know What's On Your Plate?

In 2013, many Europeans learned their beef lasagnas were actually made of horse meat. Learn about food fraud, and how a Canadian invention can help detect it.

Can we make butter?

Can we make butter?

Do you like butter? Find out how easy it is to make!

Claire Bartman | Analyste de la qualité — Laboratoire de chimie analytique

Claire Bartman

Food Quality Analyst, Analytical Chemistry

Claire Bartman is a quality analyst at Analytical Chemistry Lab.
Tammy Barrett | Directrice de la recherche et du développement

Tammy Barrett

Manager, Research and Development

Tammy Barrett is the Manager of Research and Development at Chapman’s Ice Cream.
Andrea Lysenko - Quality Assurance Supervisor at Chapman’s Ice Cream

Andrea Lysenko (Video)

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Andrea Lysenko is a Quality Assurance Supervisor for Chapman's Ice Cream.