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1-2 hours

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Lifecycle of Clothing and Microplastics

Filtering water after washing clothes can help prevent harmful plastic microfibers from polluted oceans and shorelines.

Astronomy and Space Science Volunteer Activities

Space-cial: Constellations & Moon Phases

Learn about the importance of constellations and moon phases and how adaptations play a role in our survival on Earth.


The Nature of Science

What is science? In this activity, youth learn about the different ways of studying the world around us. They will use the scientific method to design and test an alka seltzer rocket.


Transportation and the Environment - Virtual Edition

In this workshop, students examine current and potential energy sources used for transportation, learn about fuel cell cars, explore the various types of fuels used in transportation and design their own vehicle.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Trees for Tomorrow

In this workshop, students will explore what makes up a healthy forest, and how tree and soil health is important for sustaining ecosystems. Students will consider how human actions affect forests, and how forests are important in combatting climate change. Discussions will focus on positive actionable steps students can take to protect plant and soil health in their communities.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sparky McCloud's Day Off

Extreme weather occurs in many wild ways, which is affected by climate change! This workshop explores these implications.


Structures against Extreme Weather

Students design and build a structure that protects toy people from a hurricane.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Climate Change Expedition - Virtual

Students will analyze historical, long-term trends in climate and explore environmental process through hands-on activities to gain an understanding of weather and climate in Northern Canada and relate to their own experiences with local weather patterns to discuss the changing climate in the north.

Health Sciences

Circulatory System (Grade 5)

Learn about the human circulatory system and make your own scab!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Water Filtration

Students design a water filter to separate a mixture.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges (Grade 7)

Students are introduced to form and function of structures and then build a bridge given certain limitations.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges, Strong and Stable Structures - Virtual Outreach

Students will get to learn about what a structure is and what materials can be used to build a strong and stable bridge.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Beaver Dam and Lodge Activity

Students build a beaver dam and lodge to understand what stable structures are and then they test their structure by placing a load on it - something heavy like a brick - and see if the force will make the structure collapse.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Cylinders and Shapes (Grade 3)

Students use paper and build different shaped columns, test them for strength, and are then challenged to make 4 columns using only paper that will hold the most weight.


Elements and Compounds

A hands-on activity set focused on elements and compounds and their use in everyday life.