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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sensitive Shells

Discover the impacts of ocean acidification by observing the effect of acidity on shellfish.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Climate Change Expedition - Virtual

Students will analyze historical, long-term trends in climate and explore environmental process through hands-on activities to gain an understanding of weather and climate in Northern Canada and relate to their own experiences with local weather patterns to discuss the changing climate in the north.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Salmon Shadow Food Chain Tower Activity

Students will conduct a simulation to demonstrate control of several variables in the ecosystem, where different scenarios will be used to demonstrate the positive and negative effects humans have on local ecosystems.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Salmon Sustainability

Students will learn about the habitat and lifecycle of Pacific salmon, the effects of climate change on salmon populations and the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Oil Spill Clean-Up!

Learn about the negative effects of oil spills on aquatic environments and methods for "cleaning" up oil spills by partaking in a timed game to clean up a fake oil spill with provided materials.

LTS looking glass

Icy Investigation

Students analyze ice core samples to help learn about the climate in the past.


Food Web Jenga - Climate Change Extension

Students will learn about the importance of food webs and how climate change can disrupt them.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Cookie Mining - Climate Edition

Students mine for chocolate chips in cookies, attempting to get as many chocolate chips as possible without damaging the cookie.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Crazy Crop Conundrum! Climate Edition

Many environmental factors can impact plant growth, and as a farmer, you will have to look for genetic modifications that can help you grow the best crop this year!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Water Filtration

Students design a water filter to separate a mixture.

Earth & Environmental Volunteer Activities

Biodiversity and Ecosystems - Clay Pressings

Students will learn about biodiversity and ecosystems and create clay castings of leaves or seeds.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Filtration Station

Learn about the importance of clean water and create your own water filter!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Meet the Greenhouse Gases

Learn about global warming and the structure of greenhouse gases.


Beaver Dam Building Challenge (Short)

Using simple materials, students are challenged to build a small beaver dam.

Health Sciences

Vectorville - Disease Vectors and Climate Change

Students learn about how climate change can impact the geographical range of disease vectors.