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Health Science


The Nature of Science

What is science? In this activity, youth learn about the different ways of studying the world around us. They will use the scientific method to design and test an alka seltzer rocket.

Health Sciences

Circulatory System (Grade 5)

Learn about the human circulatory system and make your own scab!

Biology Volunteer Activities

Digestive System (Grade 5)

Students model how food travels through our digestive system and do a digestive system art work.

Health Sciences

Heart Rate

Learn about heart rate and why it is elevated during exercise.

Health Sciences

Blood Clots

This activity demonstrates the process of coagulation.

Health Sciences

Vectorville - Disease Vectors and Climate Change

Students learn about how climate change can impact the geographical range of disease vectors.

Health Sciences

Blood Spatter Analysis

In this activity, students will use blood spatter and physics principles to solve a crime.

Health Sciences

Nervous System

Students learn about the different parts of the brain and make a neuron (nerve cell).

Health Sciences

Brain Hats

Students create a brain hat and learn about the different parts of the brain.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Brain Buster Virtual Quiz

Students participate in a series of exciting virtual quizzes.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Fight or Flight? The Science of Stress - Virtual

Students will explore what happens in their nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory system when their brain detects stressful situations.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Storytime - Microscope Fun

Read "Greg's Microscope" and learn about microscopes by building your own.

Health Sciences Volunteer Activities

Storytime - Washing Your Hands

Read "My Hero is You" and learn about germs and the importance of washing your hands.

Health Sciences Volunteer Activities

Viral Vaccines SARS-CoV-2

Students learn about pandemics, coronaviruses and vaccines and then design a vaccine using information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus structure.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Brain and Neurons

Students will learn about some important structures found in the human body’s nervous system along with their functions.