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The Nature of Science

What is science? In this activity, youth learn about the different ways of studying the world around us. They will use the scientific method to design and test an alka seltzer rocket.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Cookie Mining - Climate Edition

Students mine for chocolate chips in cookies, attempting to get as many chocolate chips as possible without damaging the cookie.

information technology

Bitmap Bookmarks

In this activity, students will explore how monochrome photographic images are stored on a computer.


Paper Building Blocks

Explore the strength of triangles!


Walking Through Paper

Learn how to cut a hole in a sheet of paper, big enough to walk through!

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Brain Buster Virtual Quiz

Students participate in a series of exciting virtual quizzes.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Ask A Scientist

A virtual interview with a scientist where volunteers lead an interactive session about themselves, their interest in science, their career path, etc.

Mathematics Volunteer Activities

Math Mystery : The Case of the Dual Jewel

Students solve a crime investigation by solving a series of math-based challenges.

Mathematics Volunteer Activities

Magnificent Measurements

Students will learn about optimizing area and how to estimate and calculate the volume of quadrilaterals and 3D prisms.

Earth & Environmental Volunteer Activities

Cookie Mining

Students mine for chocolate chips in cookies attempting to get as many chocolate chips as possible without damaging the cookie.

Volunteer Activity - Alternative Science Facts

Alternative Science Facts

Learn media literacy skills including the recognition of "fake news", critically analyze sources of information, and understand the impact of science communication on our lives