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Students build a paper glider and test it for forces of flight.


Cylinders and Everyday Structures (Grade 1)

Test different structures to see how strong they are!


A-MAZE-zing Magnets

Make your own magnet maze!

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Brain Buster Virtual Quiz

Students participate in a series of exciting virtual quizzes.

Physics Volunteer Activities

High Flyers

Students explore various aspects of flight and apply their knowledge by designing and testing paper planes.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Storytime - Microscope Fun

Read "Greg's Microscope" and learn about microscopes by building your own.

Storytime - Who Likes the Wind?

Storytime - Who Likes the Wind?

Read "Who Likes the Wind?" and learn about wind and renewable energy.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Storytime - Balloon Magic

Read "Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon" and learn about the properties of light.

Storytime - Cloud in a Jar

Storytime - Cloud in a Jar

Read "The Cloud Spinner" and learn about the water cycle in nature.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Make Your Own Bottled Music

Students see how different amounts of air and water in a space can change the way we hear sounds.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Make a "Coat Hanger Walkman"

Students explore the science of sound by creating their own "Walkman" which transmits vibrations through a piece of string.

Chemistry Volunteer Activities

Create a Sunprint

Students will use a special type of paper that is sensitive to the sun to create fun prints and designs on the paper using sunlight.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Summer Time Bucket List

Students will do a variety of activities listed on their "Summer Time Bucket List" and try to check off as many activities as possible over the course of the summer break.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Optical Inversion

Students will be introduced to a refraction - when light bends it passes from one material to another.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Conservation of Energy

Students learn about conservation of energy, measure the bounce of a ball at different heights and then use elastic potential energy to make a paper glider fly having kinetic energy.