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Unit B: Forces and Fields

Close up of the Sun’s surface

Solar Storms: Exploring the Sun's Explosive Outbursts


Learn about solar storms and how they impact Earth.

Silhouette of person in front of aurora

Auroras: Spectacular Light Shows


Learn about auroras - spectacular light shows in the night sky.

Sun magnetic field lines

The Magnetic Sun


Did you know that the Sun, like Earth, has magnetic field? This field affects our planet and our solar system! Let’s learn more about how it works.

Testing of the Boeing Starliner spacesuit

Testing Spacesuit Material

STEM Explained

Learn about a new material for spacesuits and the engineer who designed it.

 Old electromagnet

How can I build an electromagnet that moves paperclips?

Hands-on Activities

Design and build an electromagnet which can carry paperclips over a distance of one metre.

Colourful insulating wires

Introduction to Current Electricity


Learn about current electricity and why it should be handled safely

Electrical power lines near a home

Does Living Near High-Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?

STEM Explained

Learn about the risks of electromagnetic radiation near high-voltage power lines.

Beamline Assembly at TRIUMF

Exploring Canada’s Particle Accelerators

STEM Explained

Particle accelerators have amazing applications - from growing food to making airplanes safe.

Colour-enhanced MRI of brain and eyes

Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Learn about the history, function, uses, benefits and risks of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as a medical imaging technology.

What do magnets do?

What do magnets do?

Hands-on Activities

Have fun discovering what magnets can pick up in this hands on activity.

Drop tower ride

How is Lenz's Law Used in Drop Tower Rides?

STEM Explained

How do magnetic fields help you get down safely from the top of a drop tower ride? Learn how electromagnetic induction works at the amusement park.

A group of teens riding bicycles

How Can Understanding Physics Help Me Go Faster on My Bike?

STEM Explained

You don’t have to pedal harder to go faster. You just have to understand a little bit about dynamics, gravitational force and friction!

Cartoon aircraft in flight

Cosmic Radiation and Aviation


Learn how people came to understand the source of cosmic radiation, as well as how this radiation impacts those who work in and travel on airplanes.