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Electrical Circuits

Roger Bragg à l'extérieur avec un VTT

Roger Bragg

Construction Electrician

Roger Bragg is a Construction Electrician, practicing in Newfoundland.
Shannon Tymosko

Shannon Tymosko

Electrical Apprentice

I am a second-year Electrical Apprentice with the IBEW Local 105
Students building robots

Robotics and Technological Thinking for Educators and Students

Learn the fundamentals of technological thinking and robotic literacy and how it can be applied in elementary and high school.

Vivienne  Jaehn-Kreibaum sur une pente de ski

Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum

Electrical Engineer

Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum is an Electrical Engineer for Facebook.
What uses electricity?

What uses electricity?

Take a tour of different rooms in your home. Which items in each room use electricity? How do you know they use electricity?

Telegraph key used in Metcalfe, Ontario telegraph office (Ingenium)

Telegraph Key

The telegraph works by transmitting signals through an electrical circuit. Learn more and print your own telegraph key using this 3d model of a real artefact.

Man being struck by lightning

Do Amps or Volts Kill You?

This resource explains electricity basics - volts, amps, currents, resistance, and why it is dangerous to touch electrical outlets with wet hands.