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3. Anatomie et physiologie humaines

Dr. Paula Littlejohn headshot

Dr. Paula Littlejohn (she/her)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I research problems that affect peoples’ health, specifically in children.
Nutrition label on the side of a pop can

The Science Behind Calories and Nutrition Facts Labels

Find out how scientists figure out the information on food nutrition labels and why that information can help to keep you healthy.

Bread and wheat with a warning sign

Celiac Disease: When You Really Need to Stay Gluten-Free

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder. Gluten triggers an immune system response, seriously affecting nutrition.

Crispy fried crickets © phuketisland, iStockphoto

Should We Eat Bugs?

What's tasty, abundant and high in protein and vitamins? Bugs! Bugs feed about 2 billion people each day. They also hold promise for food security and sustainability.

Dietitian Sorting Out Food Groups

Careers: Dietitian

5 images of some work that a dietitian might do such as educating patients about how food affects their health

Zachary Emond | Cuisinier

Zachary Emond


Zachary Emond is a Chef at the Holiday Inn, St. John’s.
Dean Simon | Diététiste agréé, consultant privé

Dean Simon

Registered Dietitican, Private Consultant

Dean Simon is a registered dietician and private consultant.
Claire Bartman | Analyste de la qualité — Laboratoire de chimie analytique

Claire Bartman

Food Quality Analyst, Analytical Chemistry

Claire Bartman is a quality analyst at Analytical Chemistry Lab.
Travis Stewart | Enseignant en arts culinaires

Travis Stewart

Culinary Arts Teacher

Ben Sit | Diététiste

Ben Sit

Registered Dietitian

Ben Sit is a registered dietitian, providing advice about nutrition and physical activity, in Ontario.

Cynthia Goodchild (Video)

Food Management Entrepreneur (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Cyntha Goodchild is a Food Management Entrepreneur (Innovation and Entrepreneurship).